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8 Steps to Beautiful Edges

1.Apply a moisturizer or strengthening oil to your edges with gentle massaging at least 2 times per week.

2.Use your fingers or a comb to gently manipulate your edges. Do not use a brush.

3.Switch hairstyles to avoid excessive wear on your edges. Wear bangs on occasion.

4.Avoid tight ponytails, braids, and weaves.

5.Minimize the use of any product that hardens your edges, including gels, edge control, and hairsprays. If used, spray with water before manipulating the area.

6.Wear a silk scarf or satin bonnet and use a satin pillowcase at night.

7.When using a scarf to smooth your edges make sure it is not tight. Maintaining circulation to the scalp is very important.

8.Monitor the condition of your edges weekly and increase deep moisturizing treatments when they feel dry or begin to break.

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