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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Benu products natural?

Benu products are based upon natural ingredients. We keep our formulas simple, so you can understand exactly what you are applying to your hair and skin. When possible we use 100% natural ingredients. However, when we find an exceptional, high preforming, synthetic ingredient we may include it within our formulas. All ingredient information, including the % natural ingredients of each product, is on each individual product page.

Do Benu products work on permed hair?

Benu products are effective on all hair types, as well as hair that has been chemically treated

Do Benu products require refrigeration?

Benu products that are water- based include a preservative, as required, so they do not require refrigeration. Oil based products are not subject to bacterial or fungi growth and thus do not require a preservative. Benu herbal products that require the addition of warm water prior to use like neutral henna must be refrigerated when storing any remaining product after use

What is the shelf life of my Benu® products?

Benu products last for approximately 6 months.

How do I know if I am allergic to Benu products?

Most of the Benu ingredients are derived from naturals like corn, soy, wheat, herbal plants and/or nut products. We recommend conducting an “Area/Patch Test” as described below to determine whether you may have an allergy to any of the ingredients used in Benu products.

Area/Patch Test

This test allows you to trial a product on a small area of your skin for 24 hours before applying the treatment to a larger area. We recommend rubbing approximately a dime sized amount of the Benu® product on the skin near your elbow and cover it with a bandage for 24 hours. If there is no allergic response (redness, itchiness, swelling) then apply the treatment as directed in the instructions. If you have an allergic reaction, we do not recommend the use of the Benu® product tested and suggest that you seek a medical professional’s consultation.

Are Benu® products safe for use on color treated hair?

We have many clients with color treated hair that successfully use Benu® products. If you are concerned about the impact of Benu® products on your color treated hair it is best to conduct a performance patch test. You can also perform a performance patch test on your hair by treating a small patch of hair in an inconspicuous area like at the nape of the neck. Apply the product in accordance with the instructions and monitor the condition of your hair for 7 days. This process is best when determining the impact of a Benu® product on your specific hair.

The tracking shows that my Benu® package was delivered but I did not receive my package. My package was lost or stolen. What do I do now?

Lost or Stolen Benu® Package Policy We are so sorry to hear that your Benu® package has been either lost or stolen. Please see below: 1). We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that have a confirmed delivery to the address entered for an order. 2). Upon customer inquiry, we will confirm delivery to the provided address, date of delivery, as well as tracking & shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate. 3). If after the customer has directly contacted the carrier, and the carrier is unable to locate the missing package, please contact us at with the case number provided from the carrier and we will further assist.

My Benu® order arrived damaged. What should I do?

If your product arrived damaged, we are so sorry about that! Please send an email to and we will gladly assist you

Does Benu® ship internationally?

We ship within the United States only.

When will I receive my Benu®?

Benu® Processing and Shipping Policy: Step #1: Processing Time Please allow up 3 to 5 business days (not including weekends or holidays), for us to process your order. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches. Step #2: Shipping Time Please allow an additional 2-5 business days (not including weekends or holidays) for your Benu® package to arrive! Then you are all set to experience Benu®! Please note there can be shipping Delays due to holidays and COVID-19. These delays cannot be predicted and are not within our control.

What is the Benu® Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to return your qualifying Benu® product(s) please note the following: *Shipping your product(s) back to us is at your expense. *Original shipping charges, that were paid at time of purchase, are also non-refundable. Next, Please follow the simple steps below: Email us at to let us know that you would like a refund and please share with us why you are returning the product. 2) Please include your original Benu® Order number inside of your return and the tracking number for your return. Without a tracking number, we will not be able to guarantee your return will be processed. 3). Once we receive your return, we will then process your refund. Due to bank processing it will take 7-10 business days to be reflected on your account. 4). We will also send you an email to confirm that we have received your return and have processed your refund.

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