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Avoiding Hair Loss From the Pandemic

Most of us have experienced some form of hair loss in the past. Thinning hair due to stress, illness, anesthesia, hormonal changes, weight loss, or prescription medication is all too common. As a result of our experience many of us know that hair loss can catch you by surprise. This year many women have been shocked to discover that their hair is thinning. Dermatologists have reported that the increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for hair loss can be attributed to not only those that have been diagnosed with COVID 19, but also those who have not had the illness. The emotional stress from job loss, financial strain, loss of family members or other devastating developments stemming from the pandemic have led to the sudden increase in hair loss. This type of hair loss, known as telogen effluvium, causes the hair to prematurely switch from the growing phase to the shedding stage. Someone experiencing telogen effluvium could lose more than 300 hairs per day, while it is normal to lose only 100. Fortunately, this hair loss is temporary and can resolve itself within 3 – 6 months. To prevent this problem give yourself a hot oil treatment at least once every 2 weeks with an oil containing stinging nettle, massage your scalp daily, supplement your diet with biotin and look for ways to reduce your stress. It is also important to monitor your hair for excessive loss. If you discover bald spots or believe that you are experiencing excessive hair loss seek the services of a dermatologist.
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