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Chemicals and Your Hair

Hair is a fiber that has the strength of a copper wire of equal diameter. It can stretch up to one third of its length and can swell up to 20% of its diameter. Unfortunately, hair can lose its strength and flexibility when chemicals like permanent relaxers, curly perms, color rinses, and permanent dyes are applied. These products damage the cuticle, which can lead to excessive porosity, dryness, split- ends and breakage. To combat damage associated with chemical treatments it is best to seek the services of a professional stylist and to limit the application of chemicals to one type. In other words, you should have a relaxer or colored treated hair, not both. Having two or more chemical treatments increases the likelihood that your hair will become damaged and thus should be avoided. If you are unwilling or unable to limit chemical treatments allow a few weeks between each application. Deep condition and test the strength and elasticity of your hair before and after each chemical application. If your hair fails the strength and elasticity test, discontinue chemical treatments until the health of your hair returns.


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