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Fall is here (Part 1)…..Time to Switch Your Hair Care Products!

Today is the first day of fall so it is very important to begin preparing your hair for the coming months. As you know fall weather brings beautiful colors in the leaves and foliage, but is also brings cool, dry air. For many of us this is when our hair begins to fall out and break. If you have experienced this problem in the past, this is your chance to get ahead of the issue.

Taking care of your hair in the colder months is crucial. If you have not already done so, switch to a heavier sealing oil or butter to hold your hair’s moisture and prevent dryness and breaking. You will know that the product is working if your hair stays moisturized for at least 3- 5 days after shampooing. If your hair starts to feel dry the next day then you need to select different oils/ butters. The selection of the right oils and butters for your hair is very important to ensure its health and length retention. If you are interested in learning more about winter haircare, the most effective sealing oils and butters or purchasing an oil test kit please inbox me on Facebook or send an email to


Alicia Cohen

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