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Fall is here (Part 2).Time to Check for Seasonal Hair loss!

Typically, each of us loses an average of 100 hairs per day. When the number of hairs lost each day increases above the level that is normal for you, it is a sign of thinning or abnormal hair loss. The reasons for thinning hair can vary, but most frequently it is due to excessive tension on the hair, fluctuating hormone levels, poor diet, or certain prescription medicines. Seasonal hair loss is also common and should be carefully monitored, especially in the late fall. For those of us who are busy and do not have time to keep track of how much hair we are losing each day, the occasional comb check is highly effective. If you are experiencing abnormal hair loss you will notice an excessive amount of hair in the comb or on the floor after styling your hair. Another option, although less favorable, is to wait until some brave soul boldly asks you what is going on with your hair. In either case, the usual reaction will be to deny the problem, ignore it for as long as humanly possible and then panic when the realization finally sinks in. With this mindset it is no surprise how the situation can become stressful very quickly. Counting every hair that is lost each day and seeing the numbers increase can make a person feel hopeless. But with God there is always hope. Before your problem occurred, God provided the answer in a plant called stinging nettle.

Stinging nettle has been used for years to reduce abnormal hair loss especially when related to the season change. Stinging nettle leaves can be infused into water or oil to create an effective, natural treatment for abnormal hair loss. The stinging nettle infusion can also prevent the onset of abnormal hair loss, so it is never too early to start treatments. The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the scalp and promote a healthy head of hair. Simply apply the warm infusion to your scalp prior to your next shampoo. Leave the treatment on your scalp for approximately 15 minutes then shampoo as usual. Improvements are usually be seen with the first application, but in most cases the abnormal hair loss will stop within 2- 3 applications. You can get stinging nettle at local health food store or you can order the dried herb at If you would like to join the Benu mailing list, get the recipe for making the stinging nettle treatment or learn more about seasonal haircare please inbox me at.


Alicia Cohen

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