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Your Hair- Untangled

Recently my daughter showed me a video of a young child screaming as her mother combed her hair. I felt sad not only for the young child, but also for the mother. I could relate to the physical pain that the child was experiencing, as well as the emotional pain of the mother. In most situations like this the child does not understand why this is happening and neither does the mother. Many parents want to solve the problem for their child, but they lack information and access to effective products. I formulated Benu Friction Ease for detangling my daughter’s hair, but having an effective product is only part of the solution. The following 7 guidelines are helpful for those with hair that tends to easily tangle and form knots:

1. Use only braided elastic hairbands or scrunchies. Avoid bands with metal clasps and deteriorating rubber. Ask for help to cut or break any bands that are tangled in the hair.

2. Before parting, combing, separating the hair or removing hairbands, braids, or twists, apply a mist of water or detangler. Do not fully saturate the hair, as wet hair tends to be weak.

3. Remove any lint or fibers from the hair, especially where hairbands have been removed. Lint can lead to f when the hair is shampooed.

4. For long hair, section it into 4 parts before shampooing, conditioning, and detangling. Separating the hair reduces tangling of the ends.

5. Detangle the hair before shampooing. Use your fingers to detangle first, then use a comb to remove major tangles and loose hair. If this step is skipped, larger tangles result when the shampoo removes the oils from the hair.

6. Use a detangler or conditioner on the hair to soften and add slip before combing or brushing. A light sealing oil can also be used when the hair is sensitive to water. Heavy oils should be avoided, as they add drag leading to tension on the hair.

7. Keep the hair stretched or extended in length so that curly ends do not tangle or form knots. When handling each section, twist or braid the hair and clip it up so that the ends do not curl onto itself.

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