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Chebe Oil

Chebe Oil

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Ever notice that your hair gets dry and stiff when it is time to wash it or after wearing natural styles like twist-outs and braid-outs.  Well, Chebe oil allows you to extend the time between wash days and reduce breakage as it instantly softens the hair and allows it to be manipulated with ease.  Chebe oil also encourages length retention since it is infused with chebe powder, the secret ingredient responsible for the extreme hair length of the women in the Chad. Chebe powder has been used for many years to strengthen the hair, increase moisture retention and reduce breakage.   4 fluid oz


  • Softener
  • Strengthener
  • Detangler


Apply to the hair immediately after your conditioning step for super soft hair. This oil can also be applied to the hair daily to ensure the hair remains soft and manageable.  **Do NOT  use on the scalp.**


Olive oil, Lavender croton, Clove, Resin, Prunus Mahalaba, Arabic gum, Vegetable oil, vitamin e, and Arabic fragrance.